…is this thing? “The Doømed Ones” it's a comic strip made with Inkscape, an opensource cross-platform drawing tool which uses SVG as standard file format, it works with vector primitives, has a good raster to vector conversion and supports a variety of filters. The strip was published in the FanArt section of PlaneShift Forums and hosted by the German PlaneShift community.

The characters and situations are inspired by PlaneShift, a free 3D MMORPG based on both open and closed sources1), using the CrystalSpace engine. We could say it's a strip made by gamers for gamers, as for someone who never played this game most part of references will be hardly recognized. A good excuse to try the game, by the way.
This is a public repository of modular SVG images ready for being assembled in those comic strips.


…am I doing this? Simply because I like this game and its potential. And I'm having fun when I use programs like Inkscape. PlaneShift gameplay relies heavily on good RP, needless to say that players of all ages use abundant imagination to develop their characters and surroundings. Take a look at the collaborative or single author stories as well as the fanart section of PlaneShift Forums and you'll see what I mean.

I was searching some help for an Inkscape command, when I bumped in a comic strip made entirely with Inkscape. My imagination was suddenly stimulated, and I thought it was time to try myself. Here are the results. The reason why I'm releasing all this under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license is that I don't have much spare time lately, and I know there are many PlaneShift players able to help. They have provided me good suggestions, scripts… And I hope that this comic strip will improve with their help.
It seemed to me a viable method to try to maintain a continuity on the design, without loosing potential contributions.


…can help? Everyone with at least a little experience in vector graphics and in Inkscape, tinkering with ready modules here, should be able to draw objects, characters, animals, plants… so download some SVG files and try! There are many objects needed even for the simplest comic strip. All I'm asking you is to upload your SVG if you've created new material, or added some relevant detail to an existing module.


…you can start? First thing is registering an account. After the registration you'll be able to download and upload new SVG modules on the repository, so that everyone will benefit of your improvements. Also please read the General Guidelines if you want to contribute to the comics. Some guidelines are necessary to improve the overall aspects of drawings and maintaining the set goals.

Sincerely, Boeven Facco

see the ABC License in www.planeshift.it/license.html