License and contributions

Materials of this site are under a Creative Common License, by-nc-sa. You can copy, modify, dismantle every SVG as you like, as long as you distribute your modifications under the same license. That's why I'd like to see here your work, I'd like to use it for new strips. Please register here and help me in growing the comic strip!

some guidelines for the drawings

  1. Avoid characters names. The reason should be clear. No names, no offenses, no troubles. People will recognize characters and situations anyway, but there's no need of being explicitly rude.
  2. Don't underestimate the power of irony. There's nothing more inspiring than a weird situation, being in real life or in a multi user game.
  3. Avoid bad language. Remember, there's a pure soul, the last one, somewhere out there. If you're lucky enough she will read your rantings and it will be the beginning of the end.
  4. Keep it simple. Sometimes I find myself insisting in useless details. In fact is better to try to have objects with less modules as possible. First because the final work will be smaller in terms of kilobytes, and second because if you want to change something you'll have to move less lines or dots.